Thursday, August 04, 2005

HWWTS&J - The E-not so Hollywood TRUE STORY

I am only writing this post because my friend Rox asked, so here goes....(this is the PG13 version)

I had had my first daughter about 6 months before and worked in this small neighborhood grocery store, around the corner from where I lived. I had just kicked Dickie out (names have been changed to protect Dylana...he he he) Well, in walks HWWTS&J (he had just purchased the house next door to the grocery store). Now mind you, my first impression of HWWTS&J is what an abnoxious jerk. Well, after a little bit of time goes by, he must have gotten comfortable with me as a person. He would come into the store and announce "My what big boobs you have" ... okay, you can close your mouths now... And I would proceed to tell him "Oh, them, just a product of Wonder Bra" He: "Can I See" Me: "Sure, I'll bring you one in" I still chuckle at this quick response. Now I must tell you, before you go thinking he is an absolute pig... he loves to go for the shock factor. So after a couple of weeks of this... I was going to the beach this one day, so I had my wonder bra bikini on (I still have it, but don't fit in it...geesh) and in comes HWWTS&J and we go through the same dialogue, except I flashed my bikini top at him... Boy, oh, boy, if you could only see the mouths dropping and red faces of both my boss and hubby....rotflmao. We started dating shortly after that... And now the girl that didn't want children or to ever be married....has done both.

Hope you all got a chuckle!

Edited to correct spelling ~ sorry blogliners

Ohhh... the romance. hehe Loved the story Chickie! Once again - I'm thinkin' we have very similar attitudes/sense of humour.

I used to work in a truck stop - nothing better than trying to outshock a trucker. Although I never flashed one (not even a wonderbra could make my boobs flash worthy)!!

Thanks for the moosh! :)
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