Friday, August 05, 2005

Give Peace a Chance

Well, today started as any of my days start... Getting the kids ready to go somewhere. So I got them off to where they were going, got the car washed, came home to rewash the tires and rims (hubby is a little bit anal about this). Noticed something in my driveway and proceeded to promenade (it was a word of the day the other day) down the driveway, with my big arse swinging, only to be stopped by one of my previously mentioned neighbors (not the dog snatcher) We introduced ourselves and now I have half faith in neighbors, woohoo!
My friend Janine is coming up in a couple of weeks (Hi, Janine) ... things are going along nicely...

Looks like I may be out of my OMG it's only 24 days until my 30th birthday funk!

By the way, if you didn't find my last post funny, sorry I have a "different" sense of humor.

~~~In knitting news~~~

I have started sock number 2 for sockapal2za.
I am still plugging away at my sleeves for the Noro Scoopneck Cardi.
I am trying to refrain myself from dropping everything and knitting Grace another (very cute) baby sweater.
I have put Clapotis on the back burner until I finish my sock and cardi.
If you ask me about any other project I have started somewhere, I will give you that stupid I have no idea what you are talking about LOOK.

I hereby wish you all a wonderful and happy weekend. (I will try to post, not that you really care, but no promises)

Till then....

Hey- I care if you post *waves hand widly* have a great weekend!
seems like a lot of people put clapotis on the back burner, including me... heck i haven't even started it yet:) glad you have faith in neighbors again, remember they know where you sleep!!!!! have fun when your friends gets there!
wow... you're having you 30th soon, too?? I will be turning 30 on Sept 19th. Weird, isn't it?
and yes, we Virgos must be careful when mercury is retro... I have always noticed its effect on me. Like, I'll know something weird is going on, I just don't feel right, and then someone tells me mercury is in retrograde. Weird stuff.
I posted the rest of the KnitPicks SAGA, after you left a comment @ my blog @
You're a funny girl! Can't wait to
I can't wait to come and see you and the kids..18 more days until 30
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