Saturday, August 27, 2005

Feeling better Catch up!!!!

Look at what Rox sent me! She is such a doll. You had better be nice to her, or I'll find you and burn all of your needles/hooks.

My First KnitPicks

Gracie - splashin' in the tub (No Baby Porn here - nice and modest)

My first Secret Angel Pal Package (she picked me because I read her blog) Thank you, Thank you! Now go visit her :)

Up close and personal shot of the stitchmarkers :)

Sideways picture of the stickers sent for the kiddies (I don't know how to turn the damn picture)

"Picture Me, Picture Me" --- H

This my 2nd Secret Pal Angel package (for details, please look at previouse Thank you post! I am just in awe of the caring people out there! Thank you again!

And finally, I came home yesterday afternoon to find a nice little box with the following in it and a note from Susie. Here's the background... I read Susie's blog everytime she updates and I try to comment as much as I can... Well one day she had mentioned that she was disappointed - why? because her Secret Pal had bailed on her. Well, because I felt bad and I am an avid reader of her blog, I harrassed Rox into letting me be her "Angel" I had no intentions of letting her know that I was her angel. OOOPPPPSSSS! I wasn't very careful and belong to another group with her and used my "anonymous" email there...Duh. Well, my new pal Susie, sent me a wonderful package with a book on spinning and rovings to try! And a much nicer spindle than I had procured just the week before last. Yep - I didn't tell you all... why- because I suck. But I read the book last night and seem to be spinning much better than before. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ETA::: I forgot about the angora booties, go check them out on Susie's blog until I upload the picture in blogger...sorry :(

Close ups

more close ups

oh so pretty

The spindle she sent me (with her nickname engraved in it, so I will always be reminded of her kindness)

And here is the book with my new spindle and my old one :)

Wow! What a loot of goodies you have here. :) Cute kiddos, too!
All of the goodies are wonderful. Especially thos beautiful kiddies. AHave a great day!...Lor
glad ur feeling better, have a happy happy birthday:-
Christine, it was awesome to meet you too! WAIT UNTIL you read what happened to us on the way home!

And DONT worry about the buttons!! haha. I'm at the top now, I feel special!
Glad you liked the box! The Touch Me stuff is just decadent. It's like knitting with clouds. But that worming thing scared the daylights out of me the first time I tried it.

And really--my son didn't get too far with the Cedifra. :-)
It was great to meet you too! I believe you snagged some white balls of yarn (5) in a bag...that's what I used to make I Do. :)
Hey Chickie - what a great bunch of gifties!! And... you deserve em'. :)

ps... I know what you are thinkin' right now... about tomorrow. And really - its not awful. I promise. Its all in how you approach it. Hoping your day is spectacular!! :)

If not - call me... and I'll send you pictures of me as a kid. Or the ones from my beach vacation a few years ago - bathing suit pics. Those will all guarantee a laugh. And make you feel better about yourself. See, I'm here for you, man.

Wow check out all that loot - lucky gal!!
you got some great stuff.. there are a lot of people who are willing to go the extra mile... nice feeling knowing they are out there:)
Wow just love the stuff, you go girl. My Susie (who is my sister in Law is the best. She is a great person who also has great taste. Hope you enjoy the spinning.
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