Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Earth Is Round, So There is No Reason to Fall Off!!!

To Those of you that are wondering "Where Have You Been?" I am here, I am sick, I am going to be 30, I am aggravated (kids are out of camp and their favorite sport seems to be fighting with each other) and I have sooo much to tell you!

1. Losing patience with step-son's GF. I am not a big fan of two-faced liars, thus she has made the top of my shit list. I hope he dumps her!
2. Tuesday was the anniversary of my favorite person in the world's death (My Grandma) She had diabetes and thus the button on the side bar for the Walk for a Cure!
3. My Grandfather is in the hospital and he is being an ornery old man and thinks my dad put him in a convalescent home. Why is he in the hospital, you ask? Because he is stubborn (and stupid at this point) HWWTS&J's owns an HVAC business, we could put a/c in for him for free, but nooooooooo He has to be a jackass (he has severe emphysema and we have had severe humidity) and refuse a/c. Which would have prevented him dehydrating, being put on oxygen, and getting pneumonia. So needless to say, my dad is freaking out.
4. My eldest is visiting with her dad in another state and calls me, not to say hi, or maybe I love you mom, but to ask if she can spend Christmas there. Will someone rip the knife out of my heart and kill me now. Geesh!
5. Did I mention I am going to be 30, I feel as if I have lost my identity, I am no longer the non-caring, punk ass biotch, I used to be. And I find my feelings get hurt easily!
6. I am soooo disgusted with the nasty people that participated in SP5 (If you can't be nice, GO TO HELL and stop hurting my friend's feelings) (Didn't mean to scare you SP6er's)

Good Things:
1. I am watching 3 Audrey Hepburn movies... Can you guess which ones? If you can get all 3 I'll send you a little somethin' somethin'!
2. I got an RAOK from Lanie! Yay, Thank you!!!! I will try to post a pic later...but they are little envelopes made from Magazine pages... They are so cool and recycled...Thank you, thank you. You lifted my spirits!
3. I received in the mail the beautiful hand dyed yarn from Dani. Oh, so pretty and the Earth Day smells like Strawberry Shortcake (not the dessert, the doll, silly) Yum! And she sent me a cute little card with a sunshine in it! Great Idea, Dani!
4. It looks like I am going to make it to 30 (that's positive, right?)
5. So far, so good with SP6 - Check out all of the cool buttons people have made!
6. Last but not least, My online friends always seem to brighten my day, Thank you!

I know I had said that Thursdays would be quiz day and I thought about skipping it, but if you don't like a long post, don't read!

I am Rabies. Grrrrrrrr!
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.

Had to get rid of Bitch Slap...too messy

Oh so true:
you suck, and that's sad
you are the "you suck, and that's sad"
happy bunny. your truthful, but can be a bit

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