Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you know what day it is????

It's my 30th birthday! I will give you a run down of the cards and gifties later, but I thought about being philosophical (as much as I can be) for now...

Here's what I have learned in my 30 years.

I've learned that despite what Robert Fulgam says, you don't learn everything you need in life in Kindergarten.

I've learned that despite my obnoxiousness, I am still likeable.

I've learned that despite my upbringing, I am a great, caring, loving person (once you get passed the wall)

I've learned that I can get along with monks, children, radicals, punks, crazy, sane, and overly intelligent people and I believe that is a gift.

I've learned the gift of having a friend for a long time... they know you, even when you feel you don't know yourself.

I've learned that I shouldn't be embarrassed by other's actions, I should only be embarrassed about my own.

I've learned to follow my heart, despite my brain and the hurt that may ensue, it makes me, me!

I've learned that it is great to be a young mother, and I have nothing to be ashamed about.

I've learned that you should always "give back"

I've learned that I am sooo fortunate and I really shouldn't be embarrassed about it, because I was very unfortunate also.

Well, I have learned a lot more than that, but I seem to have a residual headache, and seeing as it is my birthday ~ I deserve a nap!

Hope you all have as wonderful of a day as I intend on having!

Happy Happy Birthday Chickie!! See, you didnt explode or spontaneously combust.

Its all good.


Wishing you the best birthday - Ever!

ps - I forgot to mention, I loved the pictures of the kidlettes. They are soooo cute!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And, congratulations on your "big" birthday...You truly are a great person and mother. All of my thoughts and prayers are for you today so that you should live another 60 more years!
Happy Birthday! 30 wasn't so bad, though how could it be bad if you make it a week long event in New Orleans? :)
Happy Birthday!!
Forgot to say, I really like this one: "I've learned that I shouldn't be embarrassed by other's actions, I should only be embarrassed about my own."

That is a very good sentiment.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! I love what your list of what you have learned and yes you are such a great person. I'm thankful for having met you. See you soon!
Happy (very belated) Birthday! Hope it was a good day.
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