Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Birthdays, RAOK's and stuff!!!

After 10 years he still can't spell my name...

But read this and you will know that I let it slide

aww, blush, blush...just so you know.. this is not what I usually get...The cards I get are funny and obnoxious...with fat arse thrown in for good measure. So this was great in itself! He gave $100 and an Ultimate Sweater Machine (I want to makes scarves for all of the walkers on our Diabetes walk team-upwards of about 50 so I thought that would make it easier!) Yes, Rox, I will make a couple for you too!

This lurvly goodness came all the way from Germany... I am in awe! Thank you soooo much Dorothee! Go say hi to her and she'll tell you about Oktoberfest...lol. Oh and a little thank you to Alison for holding Sockapal2za where I "met" Dorothee!

I got a paper crane from Julie (RAOK) but I'll take it as a birthday pressie too :) Thank you, Julie

He He, this came from my youngest sister...she saw it in the store and just knew it was for me!! It's a t-shirt and I am wearing it today. And she came all the way from MA to watch the kidlets while HWWTS&J's went school shopping ALONE! Woohoo! Thank you, Kendra! I love you!!!!

And see the fuzzy goodness by Gracie's cute apparently very large feet? Those are from Susie! Susie~ sorry they don't fit, but they are in her keepsake box ready for her children in another 20 to 30 years...I hope :) Thank you, again and again!

I got e-cards and birthday phone wishes and I forgot a couple of pictures... I'll post more later! With links! Thanks everyone for all the great wishes on the blog, too!

Happy Birthday! That is a fantastic shirt. I need to get me one of those.
The shirt's cool!
I just noticed that everything in my packet matches colors ...erm, that was no intention ;-)
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday! Glad you liked the crane :)
Happy Birthday!!!
happy birthday, what a great card! glad it was a good one...LOVE the shirt!!!!!!
Oh Happy Birthday!!! I am sorry I was MIA for it... I was in the Whites... You have my half birthday :) I love all your presents too and Gracie is just adorable!
Thank You! and a big Happy belated bIRtHdAy to You!! I am tickled to know there are more sillies out there like me, big grin. Your Stalker
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