Thursday, July 07, 2005

Unky Moods, Where are You?

Did any of you notice that your unky moods are not working? Check it out. The website is parked...boohoo. Does anybody know anything about this?????
UPDATE: look to the right, they are back!!!! Yeah!

Hi Christine!
Congratulations, you're the first one to have left a comment on my blog!! Yay! (I'm going a bit crazy, because my blog is quite new and I'm wondering if anybody reads it)
Lebkuchen... how nice! Although they start selling it in the supermarkets here from late August onwards - for real! I tried making some on my own, too, but mine went all hard almost straight away. I heard that you have to keep them in a tin box and put a wedge of an apple, that's supposed to keep them soft. If you want any other christmas cookie recipes, let me know ;-) I also have Austrian recipes from my Grandma (my mom is from Austria).
Where's your hubby's family from in Germany?
Yeah, I do notice that I haven't seen for the the past few days. Wonder what's going on...
Happy knitting!
Hey Christine,
my e-mail addy is also on my blog; it's I just found a recipe for poppy seek cake, and I'll check if I find a hazelnut one too. Just send me your email address, it's easier that way.
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