Monday, July 18, 2005


Getting this in on time for Knit Along Tuesdays....Feel free to check out the other posts too... funny stuff during the past 2 :)

And here it is... the 1st sock... woohoo

Must finish...NORO Cardi!!! Then on to the 2nd sock....yeah.

Hi, welcome to RAOK!
Gooorrrggeous sock!
Oh! Your a scissorina??? DUH!!! I am planning on going down to Sarah's yarn swap!! I'll see you soon!!!
it is gorgeous.. could I find out what colour number you are using?

Stinkerbell (
(kkeenan2AThotmailDOTcom- you know the deal on the replacement of the AT with @ and dot with .)
I was thrilled to read your message on ROAK and also to find your blog. We have a lot in common!!!:1.newbies at ROAK 2. moms of a bunch of children (well, you beat me, I've got 4..) 3. We knit. (of course!) 4. We both made the Noro scoop neck!! (Mine turned of too big so I plan on reknitting it though) I also made one for my daughter - great pattern! I can't wait to see yours finished!
Looking foreward to see you around!! :)
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