Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sockapal2za, Neighbors, Stash Enhancement, etc.

I guess I should start with sockapal2za...

I know what you are thinking...yeah, yeah, yeah when are you going to be done with this first sock. Geesh, you are right in thinking this way...there are like 7 people done with their pair...I salute them. I unfortunately, am not very faithful when it comes to knitting. Sorry dear sock. I am, however, thrilled to inform those of you not following the whole sockapal2za thing, that there are persons (I am not naming names... lol) that haven't even started yet. See, there is hope for me.


Onto the neighbors...I happened to see the dumbass (this will be her name from now on) outside. I had forgotten my cell phone and had to meet HWWTS&J at the Italian Fest (who have now after all of these years renamed it Festival Italiano) anyways, I was turning around to go back up to the house to get it and happened to see that dumbass was as I am waiting for Dylana to fetch my cell phone, I am stewing. So, she happens to still be outside when I am passing her house, again. I stop. I introduce myself as the neighbor who owns the dog that she lured into her car and brought to the dog pound (aka doggie jail) I proceed to inform her that my dog is not in fact anywhere near being emaciated and she is eleven years old with a scar on her hind leg that was from her previous owner (you remember dickie, right...if not scroll down) getting her hit by a car and that happened 9 years ago. She then told me that I was crazy and my dog needed medical attention and I informed her ever so beligerantly that she was a dumbass and my dog was just at the vet 2 weeks earlier. She told me I should talk to the dog warden and leave her alone, I told her to let the dog warden do her own job and if i found out she came anywhere near my dog again, she would hear from my attourney. So.....

hows abouts me putting a sign at the end of my driveway that states this...

Ask me why I think my neighbor is a DUMBASS!

With, of course, an arrow pointing in her direction....Any thoughts?

I was going to do stash enhancement, but blogger isn't playing nice...maybe it is karma ;)

Stay tuned, as the saga continues...

Gorgeous sock and I can totally relate to neighbors! My horrible ones finally moved out, and it's been a big destressor!
do it do it do it do it
that sock color is GORGEOUS. Why is it I can never pick that color :) (probably because I am trying to do so online- but we will ignore that bit :)
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