Friday, July 22, 2005

Long Time No Blog

Well, you may be wondering where the heck has Christine been. Truth be told, I was having fun without you! Maybe with some of you :) I had an awesome week... I made new friends, shared with old friends, Did some shopping (links later) I absolutely love my brother and sister in law... I learned a lesson about listening to others and making my own opinions! I started my own Clapotis. I usually am not a follower, but I had to. I have joined the Cigar Knit Along (I am making mine for my Dad and he is so psyched) I got accepted into Random Acts of Kindness. Woohoo!!! I went yarn shopping, yeah. Those of you wondering about The Needle Workshoppe, If you see cars in the driveway...stop in, they are happy to help you!! I bought the Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora book so that I can make Katy. I bought one ball of Cotton Angora to see if it makes me sneeze and how I like it. I would like to start sock #2 for Sockapal2za sometime this weekend. And if you have looked at my unky mood...yes, I am sad and lonely, not that 5 kids and a hubby make a person lonely, but I miss HWWTS&J's brother and sister in law already! Well more from me later. I just wanted to check in. Toodles

welcome to the RAOK ring! thanks for stopping by my blog!
LOL i'm totally laughing... your post about cows, constitution etc is hilarious!
have a great day!
Let me know how you like the cotton angora yarn! I bought the cotton angora book about a year ago, but wasn't able to find the yarn in a shop. I like looking at (and touching) yarns before I buy them... I've been thinking of making Lottie or Sam from the book.
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