Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Knit Together

Have I told you how much I miss Knit Together? I moved to this forsaken place that I live in now back in December...gosh I wish I hadn't agreed to that. The one place that I absolutely miss the most is Knit Together. If you live in the CT area or find yourself passing through... you should definitely stop. They are truly wonderful. Don't forget to say hi to John and Joy... Clea makes wonderful socks, Miriam (when she stops by) is so dead honest I love her for it. Susan knows her books (and she's expecting a new grandbaby) And the rest of the girls are great too!

It's so funny, you decide to write a blog because you figure in real life you really aren't afraid to tell people how you feel! Well, I find myself either trying to decide if I should give out my blog addy or keep it to myself for fear of offending someone...geesh. I've pretty much always had a you can like me or not attitude, but I find as I am very quickly approaching my 30th birthday (in 47 days, if you must know) I am all of a sudden worried about hurting peoples feelings, if people like me and the such...I am not thinking I like it...It was much easier to not care.

I must also apologize for my crankiness, I don't think I am always like this and if I am it is not my intention to be that way. So for my after 30th birthday resolution I will be kinder and less cranky...but you'll just have to deal with me until then.. ha ha ha

~~**~~On the Knitting Front...because this is supposed to be a Knitting Blog~~**~~

I have finished one of my sockapal2za socks, yeah. I feel much better, but bored... I have decided that I will not buy any yarn until I at least finish my Noro Cardi (I bought all of my yarn at Knit Together for this)BTW, can you tell I feel like a traitor going to other stores, I know John understands and insists there is enough to go around, but I still feel guilty...he he he. Did I tell you that they have been open for 2 years this month and John sold me my first bit of sock yarn and pattern ( I am a self taught knitter in many regards ) and when I had problems with ladders, he calmly showed me how to fix them and pull the yarn in the second stitch to make the ladder disappear...Thank you, John! Did I tell you, he and Dylana have a bond! I must make it a point to try to get there at least monthly. Back to the yarn nonbuying...I just can no longer justify buying more yarn until some of my stash leaves... I have Koigu coming out of my ears, Lorna's Laces spewing out of my nose, Noro, must I mention Noro...must take inventory...I will post a pic of my growing stash in my "Closet" when I have made it a little more respectable looking. I picked up the buttons for "On The Moon" for mom and sock blockers, so I can take purty sock pictures!

Well the rambling must end at some here goes....
By the way, just because I am not buying any yarn doesn't mean that I won't accept prizes or gifts...oh yeah girl that is selling the debbie bliss cotton angora, please disregard anything you read above, I need that for "Katy"

Well I am off like a prom see ya round like a donut

Thank you! I like to help my friends out any way I can. Thanks for trying to vote for Mr. Teeny, hopefully he'll get in to the contest (I'm hoping I'll find out today). :)
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