Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's here!!!!

OOOOOhhhhhhh, look at my sockapal2za sock, it is a little bit farther along than this, but HWWTS&J has taken the camera and I am clueless as to when it will be brought back to me.

Well, after all of my waiting, patiently I might add, check out my pics! This is where the becky bed used to be.

This is the new and improved Christine Bed!!!!

Oh, and we can't forget my beauteous dresser! I am so excited. I also got a chest of drawers, but it wouldn't fit into our bedroom. I have stash plans for that anyway. He He He.

You didn't think I would leave this post without a little stash enhancement photo, did ya?
And we can never forget the funny picture... That is Harrison wearing mommy's favorite flip-flops. Too funny!

The sock looks great! So does the furniture - when we got our new br set it was a logistical nightmare to fit it all in, but I made it work!
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