Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'll Rub her feet if you've got five bucks

Where the hell have you been, you might ask me...lol. Well Grace has a cold...just the sniffles, but her first. She seems a tad dazed and confused. Seems HWWTS&J has the magic touch. He was rubbing her feet last night while she was screaming her little head off, and she stopped and smiled. Normally, this would make me mad, but I just wanted her to be comfortable. So, "I'll rub her feet, if you've got five bucks", says HWWTS&J. Not willing to part with 5 bucks (which in some instances could be a skein of yarn, I tell him where to stick it. I rock her to sleep and say "HA"

On other fronts, I am diligently working on my first sockapal2za sock. I am almost getting ready for toe decreasing... or maybe I am delusional.

Oh, and secret pal...if you are out there looking for more information... I have added a link on the sidebar for
more about me
. You can also leave an anonymous comment on any of my posts!

3 of my 5 kids start camp today!!!! Yay for me... Let the camp counselors deal with the whining, attitudes, etc. After all they even get paid for it...lmao.

Pictures coming to a post near you!!! When I get back from dropping the kiddies off.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Thanks for the More About Me list!

I think big families are great! I bet your house is fun and boisterous!

From your Sock2palooza Pal!
Well, I can't reply directly to you Sockapal2za pal, but I will have to do a post to you. No problem re: more about me...I will be adding more. I must say that the kids sure do keep me busy and sometimes they are hysterical!
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