Saturday, July 16, 2005

FO's, WIP's and kids

Good Morning all.... Wanna see a finished Sockapal2za sock? See it here! It is time to stop ranting, well not really, I still have 44 days to be cranky if I want... Remember the 30th birthday resolution? LOL. Oh yeah, I add that I need to lose weight by then...even more reason for crankiness... I am plugging along on the sleeves of my NORO Scoop Neck Cardi... here are the other pieces
Someone asked me the other day, what I would wear it with...geesh I have no idea. I am now beginning to wonder about my color choice and whether I even have anything to wear with it. Now comes the mad dash to lose weight, you see, I don't fit into anything from my preceding Grace life... I refuse to buy any clothes in a size 10 or higher... And I am so sick of seeing my fat ass in the mirror...any suggestions for an appetite suppressant or any weight loss stuff that doesn't include artificial sweeteners? I need to stop eating so much, I have no willpower, I don't drink alcohol, so my family is driving me to eat! geesh. OH, is anna with her first knitting project...
Well, it seems I must go, the urchins will be awake at any

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but it wouldn't let me :-(
Don't go for appetite suppressants or weight loss stuff, it doesn't work anyway! Drink lots of water, tea, juice mixed with water (especially before meals), because that fills your stomach as well. And don't go for snacks either; when you feel like having some, try some fruit (I'm trying to lose weight myself... but don't have much willpower either).
It's cool that you finished one sock! I'm turning the heel on my first one right now.
Awww, such a cute picture with her knitting! How great that she's interested in giving it a try. That sockapal-2-za sock looks great!
Oh...ahh...noro top! Wear a white flouncy skirt with it... or maybe a lavender skirt.... or?

Can't wait to see Anna's progress!

I can't wait to see your finished scoop neck cardi. I bought the pattern book awhile back thinking that I'd like to make it, but I'd like to see somebody who's made it first before committing to buying the yarn.
Hooray another young knitter! She's made a lot of progress!
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