Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Becky Bed Must Go!!!!!

OMG, I completely forgot!!!! HWWTS&J and I have been together for almost 9.5 years. All of this time we have slept in the same bed (different mattress) as the ex. Hence the name of the "Becky Bed"...this past weekend, we went out shopping for a new guest bedroom set. Sonny boy, who shall remain nameless, broke the one that we had. So we go to the furniture store and I fell in love with a sleigh mind you I have for the past 7 years been begging to get rid of the "Becky Bed". Well, it dawned on me that why would we buy a brand new bedroom set for guests...geesh... so the begging ensued and this is what I got for my affectionately known as the "Christine Bed" Woohoo!!!! The Becky bed is going into the guest bedroom! Thank you HWWTS&J! It is coming on Friday...of course the day I am having company, doh. Oh well, hopefully, sonny boy will keep his word on coming and helping his dad move the old furniture upstairs on Thursday. He should do it for breaking the other bed. (he ripped the frame right off the headboard and it is unfixable) So needless to say, I am doing a dance, doing a dance. Oh, BTW, I got everything 2 nightstand, armoire, tall dresser, triple dresser with mirror, king size sleigh bed w/ leather and a stearns and foster mattress and didn't spend as much as on the site. I love it, love it, love it.

In other news, I still hate the town I live in and if it was not for the lovely ladies I spend Tuesday nights with, I would have nagged my way back to the other town. So, HWWTS&J really appreciates you! Here's the latest drama....

On Friday afternoon, my dog booked out of the house to go potty when I got home...this is normal... She didn't come home. Angel is an 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. HWWTS&J saved her from being put to sleep ~ Background *she was ex's who shall be known just as dickie from here on and my dog* Dickie was moving and wife didn't want him to take her +wife shall here on be named UFSW ~ ugly fat stalker wife~ more on her another day+ Well, that wasn't acceptable to HWWTS&J and we set out to find a house with a large yard where she could live out the rest of her time here on earth in peace. Well she loves it here, likes to chase the deer, also likes to wander a bit...and remember she is old. Well, this wacko next door to me has been calling animal control, saying that there is a dog wandering around that looks emaciated (starved) and has an injury. I can understand the injury part (Dickie got her hit by a car when she was about 2 years old and was so busy smoking crack, he didn't bring her to the vet and the scar looks like dry blood all the time) She is not emaciated, the dog eats everything, we have kids who feed her under the table and we also feed her 2x per day. Well, Angel loves to go for rides in the car (Dickie is a truck driver and she used to live with him in the truck) So this obviously "STUPID" chick opens her car door and Angel jumps in. Stupid chick brings her to the pound and my kids are crying all night because they think Angel is gone forever. I haven't gotten to STUPID CHICK, yet...but, I can't wait to let her know just how stupid she is. Then she gets to the pound and tells the warden "oh yeah, you know, we have new neighbors in the "smith house", maybe she belongs to them" Does anyone know how much I hate stupid hard would it have been to stop by my house on the way to the pound which is across town? And further more isn't it the dog wardens job to catch dogs, not retarded neighbors? Then the next day she called the police on HWWTS&J for blowing off fireworks....come is the fourth of july weekend, and he was blowing them off when the town was doing theirs. Geesh.

Well I guess that would be it for now, I have to make sure the kids get ready for camp and then I have to go to the office for billing...type to ya later...he he he

I love sleigh beds!! and that set you chose is lovely ---- enjoy, it's about time you had your own bedroom set!
Hey now - you arent the people who live on the OTHER side of my neighbors from hell are you? Is it possible we share the same doofballs for a neighbor?

Wouldnt that be cool though? We could plot to annoy the crap outta them... so they would move! dream! :o)
Nice furniture! I just got my first real set last year - I love it when it all matches!
Your neighbors sound evil!
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