Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stash Enhancement...oh yeah and sockapaltwoza stuff. Okay, Check out the KOIGU, KOIGU, KOIGU #'s 143 & 611. My Pal asked for muted KOIGU or Jewel Tones. Here's the problemo, I originally was going to make the darker of the two for my pal, but do you see how well it matches my calmer. (Calmer is for my Tivoli Tee by Grumperina) What to do, what to do...Do any of you have any ideas? Please, please, please help me! Posted by Hello

Ooh gorgeous yarn! I love all the colors of koigu and your calmer really does match the koigu. Hmm, choices, choices! =) I would say that your pal would like anything you made for them, and both colors are lovely! =)
I guess the Koigu 611 is flying off the shelf up and down the East Coast today! Hmm....I'd vote for 143 for your pal if she's all about jewel tones. Beautiful yarn all around, though....How can you go wrong, whatever you do?

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!
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