Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sockapal2za, other knitting progress & some kids

Well here is proof that I have started my sockapal2za sock...

And here is the other side...

And here it is all frogged...The pattern that I finally chose was too difficult for travelling with. (I usually knit my socks in the car with hubby driving) So back to the drawing board... I must say that the rib was done on 0's and the rest on 1's. Oh well.

A little bit of progress on my Tivoli Tee, still not at the decreases yet...phooey.

What a beautiful morning for play. That's Thomas on top and Harrison on the bottom.

HAHA...I am in my sisters car, but I will leave the driving to someone else....THOMAS, COME DRIVE ME AROUND!!!!! Posted by Hello

Just read thru your archives, first of all - BURTS BEES + bubblegum?! Your SP does rock.

Next, you have five kids? Wow! You must be busy busy busy. Saw your post about being out of shape, I say...ya got five kids man. The weight will come off on its own!

And last (whew) lovin' the colors on the broadripple socks! Niceee work! :o)
oh my...I have to say I absolutely *love* that color of koigu! Please do tell what it is! I know you'll be back on track soon, not to worry! I've frogged my hppoa scarf now 3 times! ;)
Too bad about the socks. The colors are lovely though. Cute kids!! :)
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