Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Rotten Family

In this post, you may find out much more than you wanted to know about me and my dysfunctional family...readers beware...

I am the product of an extremely dysfunctional family...essentially my parents should definitely not had children. My mother is one child of 13. Her mother gave away and/or sold all but 2 children (my mother and my aunt)...I will go into what was wrong with my maternal grandmother another day. Needless to mother is pretty screwed up. (And if you are wondering, I do not speak to her because I love my own children so much, I would prefer not to subject them to her abuses)...Okay back to the background. On my father's side...we have severe alcoholism and judging issues. father not too long ago decided to tell me that I was going to HELL for changing religions (please note...he changed religions in the early 80's)... All of his side of the family talks about everyone behind their backs... Okay, you are probably wondering where I am going with this... Well as a child I was bounced around from house to house (parents are divorced) ie Fathers, mothers, grandfathers (paternal). Well, when I was 15 both my parents signed over their parental rights to the state (essentially abandonment)...Now please, I am not complaining...I wouldn't be who I am now if that hadn't happened...And I met wonderful people along the way!... But here goes, I try my hardest to be a good person and my father's family treats me as an outcast... Now, I have no idea why this bothers me at all...but now all of a sudden, i am told by my father that I need to go with my sisters to a bridal shower for my cousin....okay fine i don't have a problem with that....however, I get a message yesterday on my answering machine from my aunt...did i mention how fake these people are...So says she, "Chrissy" I must mention how much I hate being called Chrissy " I just wanted to call to let you know that we are so happy that you are coming, but nobody else is bringing children, so I didn't want you to be embarrassed by bringing your children, its not my house and it is small...etc." I was fuming...geesh, did i rsvp for 6 of us, why would the impression be that I would bring all of my children to a house that is owned by people I don't even know. Not to mention that it is a bridal shower, duh! Gosh, you'd think that I was five years old, not an almost 30 year old mother of 5....And, uh, news flash, I am an at home mom, don't ya think I would like to get away once in while... Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it out!

Hooray for blogs!! I didn't know you'd made one till I was hopping about on the blog ring. I'm gonna link ya for sure. :) :) :)
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