Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More stash enhancement, SP5, Sockapal2za, Tivoli T and kid stuff

oooo more stash enhancement!!! Socks, Socks, Socks. Lorna's Laces Shepard Socks in Cool and Georgetown. Koigu, Koigu, Koigu ( I am going to make myself Nancy Bush's Traveler's Stockings from Knitting on the Road) The fall Interweave Knits Magazine...woohoo. A sock pattern incorporating beads (new technique for me) beads, fixation sock patterns. A little knit card and tape measure for my secret pal. And one other pattern. This particular pattern caught my eye because it is versitile and has sizing for 3 of my children. Also, on the back it says "Please do not photocopy these patterns, all proceeds will go to Mac's college fund. Now age 12, she wants to be an architect and an olympic swimmer/January 2005" The Pattern is a Mac & Me (if you are interested in contact info, let me know)

Sockapal2za, turning the heel, turning the heel, knitting the gusset, knitting the gusset. I have here fore proclaimed my love for KOIGU...move over HWWTS&J(please see previous post...hehehe) this is the first time i have done the heel and gusset using 1 circular. Very exciting!!

here you will find my fat arse donning my poor poor neglected tivoli t-shirt.... it is way too big just like my arse!

Funny kid picture of the post...this is from monday night...thomas is hiding under the bed from daddy because HWWTS&J told him to go to bed...and look, foiled again, he fell asleep. Posted by Hello

Wow! I just read all the posts on here! What a great blog! I love it! Your kids are too funny! And man, was I relieved to hear that someone else does the "just one more row" thing too! Oh the guilt I have felt by doing exactly the same thing!
Wow - what terrific stash enhancement! I've been really obsessed with socks these days, myself. :)

And of course, I L.O.V.E Koigu!
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