Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Krappy Kid of my kids...I won't name names, but you know it isn't Gracie...keeps krapping in klosets...a new one every day. What is a chick to do with a krappy kid? Not only does the kid krap in the kloset...the kid smooshes it into the kream karpet!!! Help me someone, please!!! Kalgon take me really far away. If I have to spend the day with the steamcleaner again, I might jump out the 3rd floor window. Do they have some sort of Keep out spray, like for dogs? Can someone make some...I'd surely pay for it? Other kids here don't do that? Do I have a Demon? No punishments work...the kid doesn't care...just does it again. Geesh. Hubby wonders why I knit so keep my hands from strangling one kid or another...back to the therapy thing. Knitting can sometimes be cheaper than therapy. Speaking of knitting, I am almost ready to start sleeves on my Noro later.

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