Monday, June 27, 2005

Finally a Sock! and kid stuff

Here goes, after frogging twice more (total of 5 times for those of you keeping count) I have found the answer... Interweave Knits Spring 2005 Cable Rib Socks by Erica Alexander. I really love this pattern and I definitely think I will be making myself a pair. BTW, those of you who "know" me have heard me bitchin' about what is the big deal with KOIGU, well I must now agree that it is wonderful! Also, I hope my pal will like her lace and koigu! You never know, maybe it is you!

How funny is this... This was at midnight last night. I had just cast on the Cable Rib Socks for my sockapal2za pal and couldn't keep from telling myself over and over again "Just one more row" That's Dylana on the very top, Anna on the bottom and Harrison laying on Anna. Bad mommy, having your children fall asleep on the couch...the horror.

This is my daddy and you can't have him!!! Hubby...who will be known from this point on as HWWTS&J** (He who wears tee shirts and jeans....because he will even wear this to weddings) didn't get home until 9:30pm. Thomas missed him. **stolen from Knit & Tonic's HWWV (He who wears Versace). Thank you, if you ever happen to stop by my blog. lol Posted by Hello

OMG that sock looks SO good!! I'm super bummed we're not sockpals too... ^_~
That is an AMAZING sock! I'm also sad that I'm not your sock pal. I can tell because I would not have said no to lace! Beautiful colors!! It's nice to see a multicolor cable- I don't see that very often, but it's great!
Your sock looks amazing! Love the colors and the pattern!
Ooooh, pretty yarn. The stitch pattern shows it off nicely. I like your Burt's Bees kit... I have recently become addicted to their stuff!
That's Koigu? It's beautiful! I really don't like a lot of their colorways, but that one is great. Nice pattern choice, too.
Cute, cute pile of kids, too!
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