Friday, June 10, 2005

Disgusted at the Prejudices of the World

Well, Upon reading someone's blog, again not naming names, I found that I am disgusted with peoples prejudices. I agree that their are persons within groups of people who are quite fanatical. However, I do not believe that all people within a group should be chastised about the viewpoints of a few. I know, I am rambling and you are again wondering where I am going with this, Well Here is the Deal. I am so very sick of Religious Crap. You have Christians chastising Muslims, Jewish persons chastising Muslims, and vice versa with everyone chastising everyone Religion wise. Here's where I get mad... It's all the same God, people. Just different ways of worship and a couple of differences in opinion. Here's the kicker - in none of these religions is one person to judge another, hmmmm, yeah, that never happens. Reality Check people...unless you are perfect, which we all know you are NOT, SHUT THE F**K UP! Geesh. Sorry for getting so pissy, but I must say I am quite sick of all this stuff.

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